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Sabianet Launches New Website!

Leesburg, VA John Ehrhardt, COO of Sabianet, announced today the unveiling of Sabianet's new website. The website, with updated branding and new content, provides expanded information about Sabianet's renewed focus on providing Information Technology Services and Resources to the Federal Government, its partners and commercial clients in Healthcare and Telecom. "With the change in economic times, Sabianet will double its efforts to bring practical and advanced technology solutions to commercial enterprises doing business in Healthcare and Telecom, so that they may reduce their costs, increase their efficiencies and compete in the years ahead." says, Marilyn Ehrhardt, CEO. "And we will bring similar Cloud Computing solutions to the Federal Government as we have deployed successfully to the private sector." Visitors are welcome to view the web site's new content, sign up for RSS services, share the content on Facebook and register to be on Sabianet's mailing list.


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