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Hispanic IT Executive Council recognizes Marilyn Ehrhardt

15-Nov-2013 Palo Alto, CA - The Hispanic IT Executive Council (HITEC) held their Q4 IT Leadership Summit in Palo Alto, California on November 14th-15th. The Summit gathers together the most influential and knowledgeable global leaders in Information Technology that are of Hispanic Heritage and provides them a forum where ideas and trends in Information Technology are discussed and shared with the future leaders in Information Technology. A key goal of the Council is to encourage, inspire, mentor and assist Hispanic IT professionals in becoming the next generation of business leaders. As part of the Summit, HITEC identifies the role models that are today's most influential and notable business leaders in Information Technology. During the Gala Event of the Summit, HITEC awards these individuals, giving them recognition among their peers and placing them on the HITEC 100 List. HITEC has been conducting the HITEC 100 awards since 2008 and in Palo Alto, on the fifteenth of November, HITEC released the 2014 HITEC 100 most influential Hispanics in IT.

The HITEC 100 Award
The HITEC 100 List (2014)

Sabianet's CEO and President, Marilyn Ehrhardt, was honored to receive the HITEC 100 award for 2014 and to be placed on the list with other Hispanic leaders in Information Technology. "While all on this list share a common bond of Hispanic heritage, we also share the adoption of the American work ethic which clearly demonstrates that hard work and tenacity break down the barriers to success and overcome failures. Our failures teach us and we must not give in to discouragement, but press onward. I am deeply honored and moved to be recognized by the HITEC Council" stated Marilyn Ehrhardt about receiving this award. She goes on, "Furthermore, my company and its employees will adopt the spirit of HITEC, to encourage and "pull up" the industrious emerging leaders that are struggling to move ahead in the Information Technology world." She thanked the leaders of HITEC, J. Alberto Yépez, Chairman and Andre Arbelaez, President for the support that they have provided for Hispanic Executives through HITEC Global and committed to supporting the goals and activities of the Hispanic IT Executive Council.

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