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Currently we are providing tools and helper applications that fill in needs in the Industries in which Sabianet participates. The products we are offering in this area are free to download and use according to the terms of the licensing agreements that are provided during installation. It is our hope that these free "apps" will provide end-users (Patients and Providers in the Healthcare Industry) with some added-value, in particular efficiency and accuracy when a Healthcare encounter takes place.

My Health Snapshot

Our first offering in this area is a Health Snapshot application. The intention of this application is to give the patient a means to gather all per-requisite and summary information needed by a General Practitioner for use during a visit to the Doctor. Please see the section on My Health Snapshot for more information.

This application is installable on a Windows PC. My Health Snapshot can also be stored on a Memory Drive (as in the picture to the right) so that you can take your summary health information wherever you go.

Thumbdrive Software


Sabianet is WBENC certified since 2007 and is certified SWaM by the state of Virginia. You can visit both certification sites by clicking on the logos.

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