My Health Snapshot

Sabianet is providing "My Health Snapshot" as a free download to Patients that want to better manage their encounters and interactions with their healthcare professionals. We have found that many patients visit their General Practitioner (GP) without gathering all the information needed to share with their Doctor and his staff. My Health Snapshot is used to gather the most pertinent summary information about you, the patient, that is needed by Healthcare professionals when you need their help. By gathering and maintaining your snapshot you become more empowered to manage your healthcare as you are always prepared to have a thorough conversation with your Doctor!

Once loaded on your Windows-based PC and started up, My Health Snapshot helps you gather and store your personal health information. You are then able to print copies of your snapshot and bring the information to your Doctor each time you visit. When your Doctor asks you to fill out his forms, you can simply refer him to your snapshot in many instances. My Health Snapshot formats and prints to your PC's web browser so that you can print the information in a variety of ways. For instance, you may want to print to a PDF formatted file and email the information to your Doctor. My Health Snapshot also has an option to load itself (and your snapshot) onto a portable thumb drive so that you can carry it with you wherever your go.

Gathering Information

MHSS Main Screen

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Summary to Doctor

MHSS Report Out

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Please proceed to our DOWNLOAD page, if you wish to obtain a copy of My Health Snapshot.


Sabianet is WBENC certified since 2007 and is certified SWaM by the state of Virginia. You can visit both certification sites by clicking on the logos.

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